April 21, 2014

Ground Freezing – an overview

Groundfreezing is a construction technique that has been used of over one hundred years to provide temporary earth support and groundwater control. Applications are found in the underground civil, mining and environmental remediation industries. [Read More...]

Recent Ground Freezing applications


Ground freezing Fukushima

We gathered together several of the articles covering Ground freezing as a proposed solution to contain contaminated groundwater at Japan’s damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and posted links to our Facebook page [Read More...]


Southeast Collector (SeC) Gravity Trunk Sewer Ground Freezing

Southeast Collector (SeC) Gravity Trunk Sewer Ground Freezing GeoMontréal 2013 Joseph A. Sopko, Ph.D., P.E., Adam Curry, P.E. & Robert R. Chamberland Moretrench American Corporation, Rockway, New Jersey, U.S.A Behzad Khorshidi, Ph.D., P.Eng Strabag Inc., Pickering, Ontario, Canada ABSTRACT The 15 km long Southeast Collector (SeC) Gravity Trunk Sewer will augment the existing York Durham Read More...

Remediation of Distressed Frozen Earth Cofferdams

Paper describing an aggressive ground freezing approach as the final solution to a complex problem of site geometry and unexpected groundwater conditions.